Keweenaw National Historical Park Tours

 The Red Jacket Trolley office will be closed June 5-June 8, 2019.  There will be no tours on these days.

"Hidden in Plain Sight: Traces of Houghton's Early History"

"Keweenaw Stonehenge"

"A Day in the Life"

Tours starting from 9am until 7pm.


  or 1pm-4pm

Houghton has grown up and around its early mining sites, obscuring them from view. Remnants of the old Isle Royale Mining Company and the Houghton County streetcar operations have been absorbed into the modern city-scape, hidden, but still traceable if you know where to look.

Tour stops may include:

• Streetcar Routes
• Isle Royale Mining Company Stamp Mill, Housing, School, Shafts and Dry Houses
• Coal Docks, Pump House and Locomotive House
• Sites of Mine Waste Reclamation and Reuse

Adults $25
Children (4 - 10 years) $8
Children (3 & under) free

Contact us to register for a guided tour!

“What the heck is that?” They could be ancient ruins, but are, in fact, the remains of industrial operations. Learn about the
mining process, explore near-ghost towns, and get your questions answered.

A pasty lunch is included. This exploration requires some walking over uneven terrain. Use caution.

Tour stops may include:

• Quincy Smelter at Ripley
• Company Housing and Railroad Grades
• Reclamation Plant and Dredge
• Stamp Mill at Tamarack
• School, Mills, and Stamp Sands at Gay

Adults $65
Children (4 - 10 years) $30
Children (3 & under) free

These half-day tours examine the social history of Calumet and Laurium. Look at life outside of work; including church,
recreation, and housing. Even these tangents were touched by the paternalism of a company town, with all of its attendant benefits and eventual conflict.

A tour of the Laurium Manor Inn is included.

Tour stops may include:

Agassiz Park and Statue
Laurium Manor Inn
• Italian Hall
• Row Houses
• St. Paul’s and St. Anne’s churches

Adults $30
Children (4 - 10 years) $12
Children (3 & under) free